The Solarcafé equipment artfully demonstrates the possibilities of solar
energy technology and has been constructed and outfitted with several
unique components:

Solar Island System - designed for open air events.
The energy needed to power the electrical, heating and cooling needs of the Solarcafé is tapped from the sun.
The Solar Island System comes fully equipped and operational and can be transported by truck, train or ship.
The solar panel provides hot water for drinking and sanitary purposes;
Various solar cooking alternatives;
Solar energy for the complete operation, including refrigeration,
lighting, computer and audio-video equipment; "Solar Tracker" provides special effects lighting; Solar powered robotic lawnmower functions superbly when the solarcafé is situated in a grassy area.

Icy Rider - transports your ice cream cooled by the sun!
This marketing sensation has a solar paneled roof and a compact motor to
power its unique ice cream and cocktail bar.

Solar Coffee Shop - coffee making was never so much fun!
This mobile street cafe proves the versatility and efficiency of solar
energy in a most "tasteful" manner. Original solar power prepared coffee
and cooled cold drinks have been enthusiastically received by visitors.


Solarcafé has been operating since 10 years, Schaustelle Berlin
1998, Expo 2000, Enercity Icy Rider of Hannover, Berlin Environmental
Prize 1995, Multimedia Award from the German Ministry of Education and
Research. The Solar Island System is installed in the German Museum of
Technology to supplement its gastronomic fare. solarcafé is sponsored by
IZT - the marketing agent for Future Technology Berlin.

Icy Rider
is technically and stylistically light years away from its competitors.
Its modern chrome design is ideal for a wide variety of applications. A
vehicle for all seasons, this Solar Kiosk is suitable as a wine or soft
drink bar, ice cream, coffee bar, snack- or information center.
Icy Rider has been carefully planned to optimize function and space has
been praised for both its durability and utility. Quality construction
materials and superior balance make the Icy Rider safe and extremely
stable in all wind and weather conditions.
Our solar generators have been thoroughly engineered and tested to meet
the highest industry standards for efficiency, dependability and
longevity. The front of the generator is hinged to swing down and allow
for additional slides, advertising, or display space.
The advertising space on the Solar Kiosk's sides and frame are easy to
remove and are interchangeable.
The removable cooling compartment has been constructed with 100 mm super insulation and has a maximum volume of 250 liters. It is enclosed by the rigid outer walls of the vehicle. The functional counter permits a wide
variety of uses.
It has sliding top panels for easy access and an energy saving cover
when the unit is not in service.
The counter top can be customized or enlarged to meet individual user
requirements and workspace needs.
Icy Rider is a real attention getter, a Sales Stand, and an Information
Center. Our innovative Solar Kiosk is environmentally friendly and frees
vendors and attendants of potentially hazardous cables, searching for an
electrical source, and noisy gas generators.
The Solar Kiosk will become the culinary meeting point at trade fairs,
public events or at your favourite street side location.

Technical Information
Unit Dimensions
Overall length : 2700 mm Maximum height : 2300 mm (with generator
lowered: 1650mm) Counter top height : 1300 mm
Bicycle Specifications
Front wheel: 26 inch frame, shock-absorbing fork, hand brake.
Rear wheels: 20 inch, hydraulic brakes.
Seven speed variable gear assembly.
An optional power assisted drive is available
High tensile aluminum floor with anti-slip surface
Shock absorbing leather saddle. The saddle is also adaptable sitting
position for kiosk interior.
Frame: 70Kg (154 lbs) Body: 60 Kg (132 lbs)
Cooling compartment 30 Kg (66 lbs)
Generator and supports: 20 Kg (44 lbs)
Accumulator: 20 Kg (44 lbs)
Construction materials
The frame and body are manufactured of stainless steel, high grade
steel, and aluminum. The outside body panels are constructed of
reinforced plate aluminum.

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